Tricking Your Dog to Take Its Dog Pill


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Somehow, dogs have strong senses and see it coming that you’re giving them dog pill. Perhaps, they recognize the telltale scrape of childproof lid against plastic while opening it or recognized that stride into kitchen where you store the bottles. They see you coming towards them with that grin on your face and know in the next seconds what would happen.more dog pill pockets

Any dog owner knows the real struggler of giving meds to their pets. You might be spending the next 30 or 60 minutes trying to give the meds or even wrestle your pet to the ground and pry and mouth open, or have just done anything possible to put it in them. As children, we recall going through the exact same situation. Our mother balances the horrible and bitter taste of syrup in spoon and pushing it past our lips as it’ll make us feel better.more at

Well, your dog isn’t likely to understand why they have to take the pill so your creativity is pushed to great extent. If you are having issues in administering dog pills, then you may want to consider a couple of tactics.

Number 1. Crush pills in water or food if possible.

Consult with your veterinarian if there’s a chance of breaking the pills to smaller pieces and mix it with water or food. If your dog does not see it, the odds of your dog freaking out when it is time for its med is less likely to happen.

Number 2. Use food wrappers.

If your pet is for example perspective, then it will probably sense the time they have to take their meds, but if you come with dog treats rather, your success is higher. Check with your local pet supply for some special food wraps you can use similar to edible dough or pockets you may use to hid the pill. Some dog owners can use peanut butter or even cheese in masking the pill as well as taste of meds, but such products are caloric and may cause stomach problems to your dog if you are not being careful.

If possible, try mixing up the pill time so it does not fall on same schedule. If you are used to administering meds at seven, your dog can sense that it’s coming so talk with your veterinarian if it is possible to give the pill 15min. earlier or later on other days.more


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